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The advantages of biodegradable straws

The advantages of biodegradable straws

Advantages of biodegradable materials:
  1. The structures of the materials are similar to carbohydrates, which are toxic free.
  2. The materials do not cause any undesired impact to the environment with any type of waste management (such as incineration, landfills, recycling and manure).
  3. It may replace the petrol-based plastics with similar features owned by the traditional plastic products; the applications of the biodegradable products would be the same.
  4. The management of landfill or manure disposal may completely degrade the materials.

Material is natural, non-toxic and highly permeable, and some PLA products are approved by the us FDA for direct contact with food.(even if it contains acid, alcohol, it will not release any dangerous substances;

Use any waste disposal method (such as landfill, recycling, and composting) that does not cause any impact on the environment and can be completely decomposed 100% by microorganisms after disposal;

Can replace the traditional plastic straws with oil as the raw material, and has the same physical properties as the traditional plastic straws, using the same methods.

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